Wabi-sabi: Accepting & finding beauty within the imperfections of life...

What are the moments you can find beauty in over the next few weeks?

  • What are the small things you want to do more often?

  • Identify the moments you plan to celebrate, the small stuff and the big whopping big amazing ones.

  • Create a good start to your day - what makes you feel energised and ready in the mornings?

  • Check-in time. Consider your 5 most important values and re-evaluate how you are actively living these values.

  • Plan some YOU time over the next few weeks. Use this time to breathe, daydream, draw, write...Create a vision of you living a life worth living. We all have different ideas of what that would mean. But what does it mean for you?

  • Choose you! That means being kind to yourself. Everyday give yourself a hug and acknowledge that you are an exceptional human being.

  • Notice and savour the imperfections of everyday life. The funny stuff that happens when we least expect it.

  • Cultivate an attitude of Gratitude. Little things matter. Notice them and grow your 'thanfulness' muscle. Strengthen your positive neural pathways, creating healthy mind habits.

  • Take 10 minutes of your day and make it count. Practice Mindfulness. Relax the body, still the mind.

  • Get in the Flow. What are your Flow moments. Find the things that make your soar and feel alive. Incorporate them into your day, week and life. Share them with others.

  • If you had an extra hour what would you do? Start planning...

  • Take a walk, look around, breathe in, breathe out. Be here now.

#Mindfulness #compassion #gratitude #vision #goals #healthyminds #counselling #happiness #positive #psychology #wellbeing

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