Mindfulness is a meditation practice, a way of being,

a cognitive style, a mental skill, a therapeutic process and a coping skill.

Mindfulness has become a powerful psychological strategy for an array of mental health treatments, used as a practice to increase psychological well-being and improve ability in areas such as parenting, education, leadership, relationships, the workplace and much more.

Developing focused attention or concentration is a key component of most mindfulness practices as well as many psychological interventions.   When cultivated consistently it can result in relaxation, a calm mind, a peaceful heart and insightful changes in awareness.



Self-Compassion, Compassion, Gratitude, and Kindness

The health and relationship benefits of compassion, gratitude, and kindness are becoming evident with current scientific research. These interventions and practices are gaining popularity with therapists and educators because they work to reduce mental and emotional suffering, harmonise interpersonal relationships, increase wellbeing, peace, joy and generally enhance functional agility in our complex modern world.